Unravel the Code by Seul Rhee

More Signals to a Dog Bite

 Many warning signs that a dog is about to bite can be subtle: Yawning, licking lips, or avoiding eye contact What does it mean? Doesn't necessarily mean a bite will happen but it means that a dog is feeling anxious... Continue Reading →


What do you mean, pup??

Tail's position and height = emotional meter Middle height = Relaxed Higher than middle height = More threatening Vertical = dominant signal Barks 2-4 Barks with pauses between = "There's something going on that should be checked out!" Continuous, slower... Continue Reading →

Exploring origami folding techniques for the airbag

This weekend, I played with different folding techniques that could be applied to my harness airbag. Here are some successful folds I did. I should've known that the last one wasn't applicable for an airbag since the geometry of the... Continue Reading →

Signs That a Dog Might Bite

One thing I didn't know before reading this article is that many dogs "learn to mask obvious indicators of biting (like growling and barking) because they have been corrected for displaying these behaviors" by their guardians. When a dog is... Continue Reading →

Did You Talk to Your Pup Today?

"Talk to the Dog" By Molly Bennet, Slate We all talk to our dogs, or our other animal¬†companions if they are not dogs. We tell them how much we love them, ask them whether they like the bone you just... Continue Reading →

Project Timeline

Project Timeline + Materials

Wooden Toy Mechanism with Paul Mirel!

In case you don't know who Paul Mirel is, Mirel is one of our amazing instructors this semester. He is a systems engineer at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.

Advanced Origami with David Kandel

17 different kinds of regular tessellation by various symmetries. This inspired many mathematicians and artists, including Escher. According to Escher, "Crystallographers have ‚Ķ ascertained which and how many ways there are of dividing a plane in a regular manner. In... Continue Reading →

Day 2. Dutch Design Week – Strijp

On the first day of DDW, we first visited the Van Abbemuseum. Then to Strijp!

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